#EndSARS is a social campaign that’s opposed to Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (or SARS), arguably the most oppressive and brutal unit of an already oppressive and brutal police force.

In the past, there have been calls to do everything to the unit from disbandment to reforms but successive governments paid lip service to all the agitations.

However, the 3rd of October 2020 was a tipping point.

When a video of SARS officials allegedly killing a young Nigerian man went viral, it prompted a level of protests that were previously unseen. Hundreds, and in some cases thousands of people, took to the streets in major cities across Nigeria and around the world.

Initially, the Nigerian government seemed accommodating of the protesters and the support groups, even agreeing to some of their demands.

However, when a web page set up to support them suddenly became unavailable, alarm bells started to go off.

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