About Us

A bit of story

Everything started with Bitcoin but DigiOats started from the quest for knowledge that have been noticed after shitcoins was about flooding the street of Africa. We believe Africans should benefit from Bitcoin innovations and be financially free other than getting rug pulled and being cajoled into adopting centralised digital currencies .

Thus we created a platform that will bridge the information gap and allow people to understand and differentiate Bitcoin and shitcoins market mode of operation, demystifying a centralised and decentralised digital currency, boycotting inflation, leveraging Bitcoin and many more.

Meet Our Team

Technology is evolving with an exponential speed, each year new methodologies, new principles, new technologies are created and soon enough everything on the planet will be digitised. Keep in mind, the revolution will not be centralised anymore, those who are prepared and informed on time will reap the fruits.


Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CTO


Administrative Lead (Logistics)


Growth & Legal Lead